Reviews from 2014


The focus on craft and approachability of the staff

Opportunities to meet other writers and discuss the craft.

The workshops! I learned so much and it was all so interesting.

The variety of sessions

Quality of workshop leaders, practice of craft and tools

The variety of interests addressed. Afternoon chocolate, sticking to time schedule.

Panels, different voices, open mikes

The presenters—their openness to visit about their craft

Quality of presenters and keynote, manuscript review

Lots of chance to talk to writers—faculty and participants

Meeting of amazing writers and presenters in a close and personal setting

Quality of the participants

Great faculty, choices across all genres

Every time slot had more than one talk I wanted to go to.

The diversity of choice available. The presenters were wonderful too. Specifics: I am new.
There was as much for me as for experienced, professional writers.

Good organization, interesting panels

Different backgrounds of authors

Networking, trying on different writing styles, exposure to wonderful writers

The incredible staff of Kachemak Bay Campus and the talent brought in to speak to us.

Keynote speaker’s knowledge, humor, process, ability to address dark writing

Friendly people, accessibility of faculty, sessions

The variety of backgrounds from presenters

Workshops that allowed for back and forth interaction with attendees, writing circles

Enthusiastic organizers and presenters, professional works presented

Option to attend workshops outside of what I usually write

Quality of faculty not only as writers but as teachers

Incredibly strong faculty – as always. Generous with their time, articulate, passionate. Seem to authentically care about their craft and helping their attendees

The location and the relatively small size compared to other conferences

The view out of my window. Having an agent speak twice.

Extremely well-organized, all writers were approachable and enthusiastic, wealth of practical advice

Practical exercises and feedback from editors and agents

I liked the editing and agent workshops, those were very helpful.

The manuscript review, excellent information!

Seeing old friends, Homer! Reigniting my passion and drive and especially my focus

Evening readings, the intimate setting and ability to talk with and get to know

Chances to write during the conference

Kachemak Bay Campus - Kenai Peninsula College/UAA
533 E. Pioneer Ave.
Homer AK 99603